Julian Garner

Welcome to my series of recipes for back-packers and campers who like to actually cook their meals rather than pour some boiling water into a bag of dehydrated ingredients. I moved to Fiskars 20 years ago and only slowly overcame my city-boy scepticism of forests until I now consider hiking and wild-camping as pretty much a necessity of life. The thing I enjoy most about my little expeditions, however, is preparing good food in little pots on open fires, or ingenious stoves that take next to no room in my pack. Of course, everyone knows that food tastes batter in the outdoors, but if it’s also freshly prepared and piping hot, say, then your camp meal will compete with anything a gourmet restaurant might serve. Of course, the net is awash with excellent examples of camp cooking (links to some of my favourites below), but here’s a selection of my personal versions of classic recipes for backpacking conditions.

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