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Rent everything you need for wild camping in Finland
Equipment and pricing

rent a tent, sleeping bag or A cooker... or all camping gear at once

Katve makes camping easy. You can rent all camping gear must haves in one bundle or separately. Rent a tent, a sleeping bag, a backpack or any other essential item. By renting camping equipment you save money, time and nerves!
Teltta vuokraa retkelle
  • Vuokraa teltta, rinkka, makuupussi, makuualusta tai retkikeitin helposti netistä
    rent camping gear online
    Choose the camping gear and make a reservation request online.
  • Retkeilyvarusteiden vuokraus on tehty mahdollisimman helpoksi
    pick up the gear or order home
    Pick up the camping gear from our rental store in Turku.
  • Vuokraamalla varusteet säästät aikaa, koska et joudu huoltamaan itse varusteita
    return the gear
    After your hike, just leave the equipment to us or ship it back, we will take care of the rest! Easy and worry-free.

camping rentals in finland

Katve provides everything you need for a successful camping holiday in Finland. Just add your own clothes and food! You will receive all necessary instructions to ensure that pitching a tent and handling a camping stone go smoothly. Camping in Finland is sustainable and cheap!

rent top quality gear affordably

Katveen pavelu tekee retkeilyvarusteiden vuokraamisesta helppoa

Get outside easily and quickly

Especially when planning a camping holiday, listing and acquiring all the kit can be challenging and time consuming. We make wild camping stress free for both beginners and more experienced campers.
Huippulaadukkaat retkeilyvarusteet edullisesti vuokraamalla

Super high quality equipment

With Katve you get the highest quality kit on the market for the best possible experience. Camping equipment can cost thousands of euros and take up valuable space in your home. Why own expensive equipment if it's going to be unused most of the year.
Retkeilyvarusteiden vuokraus on edullista ja vastuullista

Reasonal & Sustainable

The world isn't going to be saved with ownership. By renting a backpack you help the environment as well as your wallet. Our service assures you a precious outdoor experience whilst respecting nature and avoiding unnecessary clutter.
Vuokraa retkeilyvarusteet ja nouda ne Turun keskustasta

Plan your camping trip

We have tips on where to camp in Finland, information about safety and other camping tricks available in our blog. Katve provides detailed video instructions on how to use the rental gear in our instructions website.
You will also find a packing list for clothes and other useful information about hiking and camping in Finland.
Varaa vuokravarusteet ennen retkeä

Rent camping gear

Rent sleeping bag, tent, backpack, camping stove and other quality camping equipment or choose the camping gear bundle that contains all essential camping equipment needed in your hiking or camping trip. After choosing the equipment you need, book the dates and make a reservation.
Retkeilyvarustepaketti sisältää kaiken retkellä tarvittavan

Pick up the equipment

Pick up your camping rental gear from our pickup point in Turku.
Sinun ei tarvitse retken jälkeen huolehtia varusteiden puhdistamisesta

Return the gear

With Katve you can focus on enjoying the wild. After your excursion, just drop the gear off at our drop-off point, send it back to us or wait for the home pickup. After that it's our problem and we'll take care of the boring bits for you.
Varusteet huolletaan ja puhdistetaan jokaisen vuokrauskerran jälkeen

We clean the gear

We unpack the gear and carefully clean and disinfect all the items. We take good care of the equipment so as to keep camping stress-free and to ensure our kit has a full life span and renting camping gear is safe. We follow high safety and hygiene standards to maintain our customer satisfaction.
Kirjoita retkestäsi ja vuokrauskokemuksestasi blogiin

Share your experiences

You can share your camping story in our blog to enhance public understanding of sustainable travelling and to encourage others to enjoy what we already have: the outdoors.

relax in the finnish nature

Take a break from all the hassle in the wild. Camping in the wild is the most relaxing type of holiday out there and Katve makes it as simple as going on a package holiday. With Katve, you get all you need for a relaxing night in the woods.
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